KPI Token

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Token Sale

pre sale

Apr 01, 2022
10 Days
10 Millione

public sale

Nov 01, 2022
30 Days
100 Millione

Token Details

Token Symbole KPI
Token Sale Start Apr 01, 2022
Token Sale End November 30, 2022
Token Sale Amount 400,000,000
Holders: >5000 $8.00
Token Specification KPI Token
Max Circuation 1,000,000,000
Sale Duration 35 Days
Accepted Currency BTC, USD

Token Distribution

30% Core Token Sale
50% Operational Project
7% Project Team Share
6% Reserve Token
4% Bounties
3% Bonuses

Proceed Allocation

10% Core Development
70% Sales & Marketing
5% Legal & Financial
5% Management
10% Bounties

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  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Token is the cryptocurrency used across the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) platform.
  • Our token is the primary digital asset that is used to reward individuals and organizations who stake their tokens and benchmark the digital assets and services.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is mainly used to pay for benchmarking transactions, for the collection of methodologies tools purchases and the programs of measuring the processes of assets and services, including the statistical and analytics results.
  • Users and organizations could earn KPIs tokens by achieving high benchmarking results and rewards in lending, trading and comparison of the benchmark results.
  • The Hybrid Practice used by our organization is to minimalize the costs of our digital asset and maximizing the value of our digital service. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will bridge science and leadership in order to build better on the three-dimensional simulated environments.
  • The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measure volatility, or how fast prices change, often seen as a way to gauge market sentiment, and in particular the degree of fear among market participants.

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